Teaching and learning – Science and SEND

Rob has over twenty years experience of working with learners who have special needs both in mainstream and special school settings.  Rob is experienced in curriculum design (whole school and science-specific) to allow learners with learning needs to fulfil their potential. Rob has substantial experience designing assessment systems to allow students to make progress, whilst allowing governors and trust directors to hold the school to account.

Rob spent eight years as an Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) supporting schools across the East Midlands. During this time Rob developed resourced schemes of work, supported other schools with their curriculum development, worked with teachers experiencing difficulties or facing formal procedures, and delivered CPD to educators in a variety of settings.

Rob has worked with a number of educational publishers to research. co-author and proof teaching resources. Rob is a TES content partner and is approaching 664000 downloads of his teaching resources from their site alone.

Rob has worked with local ITE institutions to provide CPD for teachers entering the profession and also acted as a mentor to those students.

Recently Rob taught GCSE Science (and other accredited courses) to his students who had a range of learning needs.  All were successful in achieving a qualification, many at mainstream levels of progress. Rob is keen to share the secrets of his success so other schools can follow in his footsteps.


If you want Rob to come and support teaching and learning in your setting (for learners with and without special educational needs) then fill in the contact form for more information.

This could include:

  • INSET (or PLD/CPD days)
  • 1:1 bespoke work with individual teachers
  • Planning for groups of students including those with SEND and vulnerable groups
  • Twilight sessions for departments or whole school
  • Working with leadership teams
  • Resourcing schemes of learning so all students make progress